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Anonymous asked: How did you stop binge eating? Your success is amazing! You're such an inspiration to me because I myself suffer from binge eating disorder...I put on a lot of weight and I'm struggling to stop


Hi! For me personally there is no “stopping” cold turkey. I have had to and will continue to create a healthier environment for myself by setting boundaries and learning from my experiences. For example, at my job we get 10 boxes of donuts delivered to each kitchen in the building every single Friday . Being that there are 6 floors If I really wanted to I could get a donut or two from each floor and no one would notice or care. Just knowing that is an option for me is scary as I have had several donuts in one sitting before during the stressful periods at my job. On Fridays now I bring my own snacks and get a salad for lunch out of the building to stay away from the kitchen at all costs. I also had a habit of binging on peanut butter so I now no longer buy the jars but the single serving packets instead. I try to bring my own lunch to work whenever possible and only keep veggies and healthy snacks in the fridge that will last me 3 days or so.  I never stock up my house with a full week or two worth of food because I will quickly overeat. 

I sip green tea before each meal and that has helped tremendously. I think my biggest tip would be to really think about your habits and what binging means to you. Find your weaknesses and create healthy habits around them to avoid temptation. I’ve put on a lot of weight too and you must take it one bite, one meal, and one pound at a time. Don’t focus on a week from now… stay in the moment and ask yourself each time you reach for food “how will this choice affect my goal?”

I know what it’s like to feel hopeless and uncontrollable as I can easily eat 6k calories a day (no joke) but I’m also here to tell you that here is a light at the end of the tunnel if you choose recovery. Sending lots of good vibes your way <3